Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Portman's Store Adventure

Yesterday I went to Portman's to get manuscript paper after going to the dentist. While there, I tried to find a song that everyone played last year. Problem is, I don't remember the name of it. So I told my mom, who told one of the store clerks. They got one of their best guys in the music knowing category to help me. I played a little bit of the piece on one of the pianos and it turns out.. he doesn't know it! That was almost like, a turn-off on Portman's. I'm still trying to know what the song is. I know that Evan knows what it is (since he has the music) but I just haven't bugged him about it this year yet.



Music Theory II said...

Next time try Savannah Piano in the mall. They are more sensitive to pianist's needs.

Frobecca said...

I think they need to formulate a search engine for finding music. That sort of thing happens to me all the time. It's worse when it doesn't have words, and has a lot of, so I can't even sing or play it.
Someone contact google.

Toraie (Evan) said...

RRGH like the song at the end of the GO video.

I liked it.

Also happened with this violin-techno song I heard over the internet radio at Barnes and Noble. D:

Music Theory II said...

You might be able to find the song playing at the end of the GO video. Check out details about the film at the Invisible Children website, or just buy a copy of the documentary and search the credits for the music they used.