Friday, February 13, 2009

Creative Juices

This is a video I mentioned to some people in class that I would post here for its humor value more than anything else.


Frobecca said...

Is this totally supposed to be high school? Cause I get the 30 tons per square inch reference.

Music Theory II said...

I honestly have no idea what you're referring to. If there's a potentially inappropriate connotation, though, let me know so I can delete the post. Don't tell me what it is specifically... just let me know if I have to delete it or not.

Frobecca said...

Haha. No, it's not inappropriate. They harvest creative juice, and it just seemed like a metaphor for high school, ours specifically. As a kid, there's not much can actively do (usually. There are those who manage to bend the rules) about one's circumstances, so they're kind of in stasis. Then they get to high school and later college, and there's an insane amount of pressure on them (Get good grades, or you'll end up as a hobo with no teeth! You must at least be a size 6 to be loved! Peeeeeeer Pressuuuuure!). If they don't turn out to be rotten, the good ones are collected and scamper off to work in advertising, video game design, etc. It's not inappropriate. Sorry if I scared you.