Sunday, June 1, 2008

This is the Scene

Alright, now here's a great place for the Indie music fans. You know the type. Those are the people who choke on the word 'pop' and cringe at the utterance of the word 'mainstream'. Anything that makes too much money is simply 'selling out', and there is almost an aura of superiority in obscurity. Who knows, maybe there are some people out there who actually enjoy Indie music without the cultural baggage associated with it. At any rate, this site is a great demonstration of self-promotion tools that a composer or performer may use. It also shows the value of networking. The 'if you promote me, I'll promote you' mentality is one of your best bets when you're starting out. If everyone began by clawing at each other's throats, we'd have a huge mess.

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