Tuesday, October 28, 2008

harmonic progression

So, as I was working on my composition tonight, I began to experiment with the different things we learned in class the other day. I'm using the one where the notes are upside down, but I don't see how I can keep the correct harmonic progression and turn the notes upside down. If anyone can help before I get too far, it would be greatly appreciated.


your bff jill (Nicole) said...

Nevermind. Ms. Sanchez explained it to me in class.

Toraie (Evan) said...

aaack~ What happened in class today anyway?

We got 2nd place, if anyone cares. C:

Music Theory II said...


Today everyone continued working on their compositions. Remember they need to be performed this Friday! You should have three copies of your polyphonic piece: one to turn in, at least one for your performer[s], and one for your portfolio.