Monday, October 13, 2008

The mysterious song has a name!

I figured it out, Ms. Sanchez!
The song is Build God, Then We'll Talk.
I think there's a video on it but I'm not gonna post it.. too.. adult-ish (for a lack of a better word).
Y'all should listen to it though, it has the Sound of Music reference in it, if I remember correctly > _ <.


Frobecca said...

"Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses
It's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses
At the shade of the sheets and before all the stains
And a few more of your least favorite things."
is the chorus, and it vaguely sounds like the "my favorite things" song. I'd like to hear someone's interpretation of the song. Any takers?

Music Theory II said...

You should clarify. Do you want someone's interpretation of solely the music, the lyrics, both, the portion of the song quoting from 'My Favorite Things,' or the work in its entirety?

Frobecca said...

All of the lyrics of the song as a whole, actually, in conjunction with the music of course. Lyrics are harder to understand sometimes if they're just read like poems.

Music Theory II said...

Looks like nobody has taken you up on your offer. Mayhaps you should plead your case during class and thereby drum up some participation. Best of luck to you.

Sheepy (Megan) said...

I can't give you my full interpretation because this song has a lot of adult content. If you read the entire lyrics of the song, you may be able to get a scene in your head. What I got was that people are cheating behind eachothers' backs and that instead of the "favorite things" some one can enjoy, it's the "least favorite things" when they realize the reality of everything.

Once again.. that's like, reaaaally censored > _ >. But yeah XD That's my cruddy interpretation, and I hope it makes sense?

Music Theory II said...

The basic premise deals with the duplicity of human nature, the habit of keeping up appearances/facades of intimacy, trust, and love while harboring the not so pleasant truth about the evil desires that haunt the core of every human being. The physical location of the exchange of said unpleasantness is literally unappealing, thereby paralleling the character faults in the people involved; these faults are made obvious to the listener while hidden from the rest of the world.

The musical quote from "My Favorite Things" also mirrors this sense of irony by parodying a pleasant song with the unpleasant truth of the story. It is interesting that the lead singer overlaps lyrics, layering words over words at the ends/beginning of phrases at the "My Favorite Things" quotation because that also alludes to the layering of realities and inconsistencies in the story. It creates a sense of someone scrambling to hide something or rushing to fabricate a story, but it also creates a great deal of tension by jumping the beat. One reality intrudes upon another, causing momentary confusion in a not so neat lie that will soon enough crack under the strain of trying to keep itself up. Eventually, all is exposed and the mini-cosmos the character created is dashed to pieces.

Sorry for the length; I couldn't resist.